Analogue Blog

As a research project, Jeroen van Loon started an Analogue Blog during his computerless period in the From Digital to Analogue project. Instead of working with bites and bytes, this blog uses the traditional post-system. Everybody could subscribe to the blog by sending the necessary information (name, age, occupation and address) to his home address.

Every week Jeroen van Loon would send a letter, typed and stenciled in an old-fashioned way, to his blog readers. His offline experiences were shared with over 80 readers, ranging in age from 23 and 66 years of age and even from across the border with Belgium. By communicating with letters and the fact that the blog was something haptic that arrived in their home, people felt more relax to write very personal thoughts instead of with use of e.g. email. In this way a profound insight developed on the influence of the computer on our every day existence. All documented in very personal and beautiful handwritten letters. Which were later exhibited in the From Digital to Analogue installation.